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Alpha 10 - It. #08: Colonization Objectives - Design Updates

I updated the design of the objectives, and found new ones too. I can't tell yet how much there will be in the game, because I need to port my notes in the main document, cleanup the data and finalize the design of them (especially on how to set them and their calculations). I can only tell that there will be somehow above 20 of them and less than 30.

Of course not all objectives will be imposed to the player in a same game, it will depend on his/her choice of faction of allegiance. Nothing new with what has already been implemented for this part.

The new addition for them is in the fact that their respective scores thresolds will be set dynamically, instead of a fixed requirement like "you must produce -x- tons of -i- product before the end of the phase", with x and i as fixed values.
These requirement will have range of effects depending of the Socio-Political Matrix of the faction of allegiance and the expedition backstory (previously the colonization mode) chosen by …

Alpha 10 [0.6.15] It. #08: Near Term Plan: Code Audit + Design Cleanup/Update

Just a small post to talk about the near term plan for the dev of this iteration.

The dev part is to audit the entire code of the Colonization Phase System (CPS), including refactoring.

In same time I put what's left of the paper notes about the CPS into the game design document, these are about some additional objectives, the end of the colonization phase and some additional rules concerning the CPS.

There will also be some sort of rewards, in accordance of which objective is completed and also the score reached at the end of the phase.
These rewards will be differents regarding of which status is concerned like; vehicles for the Economical status, new colonists for the Social status and military units and/or equipment for the Space & Military status.
They will not be overpowered, but will  help a bit the young colony.

A bit later in the development of this iteration I will also create a new tab, in the unified interface, for the Colonization Support/Services.
From here, and …

Alpha 10 [0.6.15] It. #08: Job Break Plan; Encyclopedia Expansion + Design Cleanup

For the duration of the development of the iteration #08 I will work at my job, during my breaks (incl. lunch), on the encyclopedia and also on game design by, finally, sort and transcript my 16-18cm height of paper notes into the game design documents.
It is time to step up the design work and cleanup my lil' mess of paper stack.
There is a certain number of old bug "reports" spread in these notes too, I will have to check them and fix them if needed.

The development of the iteration #08 will start at the end of PM today after I'm back from work.

Alpha 10 - iteration#07 Assets & Encylopedia Patch Release

AS according to the new plan, each major release will be followed by two sub-releases; one for new assets and some bug fixing, and another one for the expansion of the encyclopedia.
Their development will be of short cycles; 2 weeks for the first sub-release, 1 week for the second one. You don't have to get the hassle to download and install the patch, you simply can wait for the next major release that will include them.
The assets & encyclopedia patch is now released.

This small patch is only in 7zip format, you will need to uncompress it into the FAR Colony directory, at the location where you installed it, and overwrite any file when it is needed.
You must have FARC iteration #07 installed prior to this patch.

The patch is here:

Working Dates
From 2017-01-01 to 2017-01-22

What's Missing?

What's Next?
The Iteration #08 will start tomorrow, with the completion of the Coloniza…

Alpha 10 - iteration#07: Unified Patch - Assets Part Done + Release Date

I decided to unify the release of the two patches; the current one for the assets and the one for the encyclopedia.
All that because I found useless to make a second sub-release only for one XML file (the encyclopedia).
So I will keep this idea in the future when I will update a new iteration / version with a subsequent patch that will contain bug fixes, assets AND updates of the encyclopedia.

The release date of this patch will be the one of the second sub-release, so on January 22 / 2017.
It stay a fixed date, what will be done will be released.

What is done so far?
Pictures have been added for the mining site, the nuclear fission reactor and the house packsIt is possible now to click on the icon of the selected infrastructure to size up the picture (and it size down automatically when you click a second time or exit the picture)size constraints have been put on the Settlements panel to set minimum width and heightnot something big nor important, but the music doesn't play at lau…

3D / 2D Work For Infrastructures:5 Screenshots

Here are two of the objects/scene I work on

For the Nuclear Fission Reactor (an assembled self-contained one):

For the Mining Site:

They are the easier ones.

For the Pressurized Tanks Array I must do some work , like merging some objects from different sources.

For the Humidity Trap, I must Remake entirely the object, the one provided in the FBX is completely screwed up:
But it is OK, I will follow the entire design, that will be faster, and will upload a new version on opengameart with the due credits :)

For the Multipurpose Depot, I though I found one, but it is more a full fledged warehouse than a modest assembled infrastructure.
In this way I need to modify the data of this infrastructure, and it isn't the new one to adjust with more coherent informations.

For the Houses Pack, I found something simple for houses in Free Environment (directly liveable like on Earth):

For Restricted and Space Environments (with some mods necessary):

Of course it will expand over the time, and ev…

3D / 2D Work For Infrastructures: Found it All

I found all the assets I needed to illustrate the whole 6 infrastructures in the game, for now.
I scrounged so much Blendswap that I paid a yearly sub to download all I wanted (and I'm far to have finished it).

In final I got assets for a ton of items that aren't implemented yet like; for some technosciences of the Research & Development System, for products (resources, equipments, vehicles and so on), for a lot of infrastructures and for space units (stations, spacecrafts and many many 3D parts).

And there are people that are bored with their lifetime, to each their own cup of tea :)

For the next post, I will publish some screenshots of choosen scenes / objects.

Thanks for all the great people that share their incredible work!

And stay tuned.

PS: if you are interested to see the incredible work of people, shared under open source licenses like Creative Commons, here are two links:

3D / 2D Work For Infrastructures

Since yesterday I scrounge Blendswap and I even paid a fee to download tons of assets.
There are so much talented people on it, it's incredible. It's a good complement to OpenGameArt.

So now I need to fire my 3D softwares and start to making 3D stuff for FARC; first for the infrastructures in the game, and if I have time left before January 15th I will look to generate other assets.

So don't expect code commits on GitHub for the next days and week.

I will keep you informed of the work.

Alpha 10 - iteration#07: Details on the Changes (incl A LOT OF Screenshots)

So here is the post about the changes.
Most of the iteration #07 was about the overhaul of the ex-Colony Data Panel (superb name...).

Now it is how it looks:
Internally it looks about the same, but the information is a bit more concentrated.
There are also now 6 buttons that open panels for their respective parts they have to display, excepted "Colony" which switch the environment section to a Colony section as you can see below:
It's not perfect yet (I will fix the display of the Level for the next release) and I need to colorize the icons but you get the feeling.
As for the rest of the panels, many icons have their own hint to display their meaning and additional informations, it is pretty basic for now but it will expand over the time.

Geological Surveys and Resource Spots are also display in full row for better readability. The screenshot below shows an example of it in a region where a survey is in progress:
Again it is not perfect, but better than before, and this …

Alpha 10 - iteration#07 Release

Add: I Forgot a thing; with this release it is the first time the project reach its first 100,000 lines of codes (101,650 exactly)  :)

First, I wish you a good year, and hope that in 2017 you will reach and accomplish at least a part of what you seek in your life.

If you don't want to try this release, or are lurking only for the changes and progress, you only have to wait for tomorrow; I will publish a well sized post including many screenshots that will detail how works the upgraded interface.

Tomorrow is one day off for me, so I will publish it in the morning, EST time.

The alpha 10 []it#07 is released.

FARC is bundled in two flavors: manually, with 7z archives and semi-automated with setup files.

These two ways doesn't requires that FARC is previously installed.

If it is installed and you use the setup file, please bear in mind that it will update correctly only from the alpha 10-iteration 01, not from the alpha 10 or any other alpha before.
If it isn&…