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Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Side Design - Settlements

At my work, during my breaks, I switched into the work of the settlements.
The design documentation exists but has never been completed and cleaned up, and since they affect what I do for this phase 2, I'm working on it.

As a reminder; settlements are locations that regroup infrastructures, so they can illustrate a city a base or anything like it. They are represented by an icon on the surface map of the Orbital Object Panel and it can be only one settlement by region and by faction.

There are 5 types of settlements in the game + a special one that I will not cover here since it is linked with the space units and is post alpha 10; surface settlement, space-based surface settlement, subterranean settlement, lava tube settlement and asteroid settlement.
Each of them has different levels of development, specific requirements and particularities.
Each type of settlement indicate in some sort the shape of it in the orbital object's landscape. Certain types are specific for certain e…

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: [warning: screenshots post ] - Orbital Object Panel (WIP) Phase 1 DONE

So finally the Phase 1 is done.

So, behold the new Orbital Object Panel!

This first screenshot is what the player will see by default.
On the left, the ecosphere data is what is displayed by default, the button "Colony" allow to switch to the colony data, if a colony is indeed set on the orbital object (OO), like below;

The 5 other buttons on the top will popup the panels of the different sections; Population for the... population one, including the detail on the categories and so on, Settlements for the settlements and infrastructures installed on the OO, Industry is the one that will display the storage and the production matrix of the colony, Events contains the Colony Simulation Model (CSM) events and all their details (the rounded number on the button indicate the number of active CSM events the colony have, I will include a fast list of them in the button's hint) and finally Biosphere will display the details of the OO's biosphere, according to the discovery th…

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Orbital Object Panel (WIP) Phase 1 Nearly Completed

I nearly completed the phase 1 of the overhaul of the Orbital Object Panel (formely the Colony and Surface Panels).

I'm working on the display of the resources spots, and will include tomorrow new additional 2d assets to represent metal, rare metal and uranium ores.

There will be also data displayed about them.

Once all done, the phase 1 will be completed and the next blog post will contain a serie of screenshots of the work.

The phase 2 will be about re-implementing the modules of this panel; Population, Settlements (including infrastructures), Industry (formerly Colony Storage and Production Matrix) and Events.
Most of the work will be to display them in their own panels, none will be overhauled out of the Settlements one after this phase 2.

You will see on the screenshots that I will post that the new panel is relatively different from what you knew before the overhaul.

Stay tuned.

Note About Side Design for Future Iteration

At my job and during my breaks, I'm working on the design of the custom effects for the policies and memes.
For now these SPM items only provides modifiers for the basic data of the colonies, but of course it is just the edge of the iceberg.
The real interest in them is in the custom effects they provides; with simple ones like special modifiers for research & development, limitations of any sort and so on but also with not so simple ones like affecting any part of the game and gameplay changes to enforce a policy, according to which political system is enforced.

And for now my focus is made toward this last point; the political and economical systems.
The first one will modify the gameplay on how a player but also the future AI will be able to enforce a policy and will also adjust any modifier and collateral effect on the success and failure of an enforcement.
The second one will define how the economy of each colony is treated and what possible actions will be available for …

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Orbital Object Panel (WIP) Screenshots

Here are two WIP screenshots:

The first one with the panel standard size (subject to change):

The second one after a resize:

Icons on the surface and the area are autmatically updated.

Of course it is a work-in-progress, so not finished yet.
You can also see now that all the basic colony's data have their icons now. Hovering each one with the mouse display a hint with only the icon's name, for now. I will exapnd the display.

Resources icons + data will be displayed in the area under the surface map.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Graphics and Colony Panel Overhaul.

All of the ten basic data of a colony have now icons and hints are linked to them.
So the descriptive text has been removed for each data and each hint will provide some additional informations like the bonus and penalties applied to each data.

10 icons have been added into the game.

I cannot show you a screenshot yet because I'm working now on the overhaul of the panel, and it is a bit of a mess.
This overhaul is about the merging of the Surface and Colony panels into one, more manageable. Disposition of the interface elements will change a bit and even more icons will be displayed with the resources, in a cleaner and more integrated way.
The player will be also able to resize the panel (and save the size and position of it).
The surface panel is at this time already removed, but its elements are now transfered into the colony panel, which is already renamed into Orbital Object Panel or OOP.

I will need some time to complete it but it will be worthwhile... I guess.

Once done I wi…