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Alpha 10 - iteration#06: Dev Resuming (post sickness)

Just a small post to say that I've been sick these last days. Nothing of a big fuzz, but enough to prevent focusing to dev.
I resumed the dev since today.


Alpha 10 - iteration#06: Audit + Interface

I began the full audit of the code for the Resources Survey. I will also (finally) implement the automation options.

Beside that I also updating a bit the interface in general and continuing to expand the encyclopedia.

The first thing I made with the general interface is to replace the two main fonts by something more readable (but always using open source licenses).

So here are the results (before on right, after on the left):

Nothing much special but it's a start.

Next post: at the end the the Resources Survey audit and expansion.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - iteration#05 Release [WARNING: Long Post do to the Changes list]

The alpha 10 []it#05 is released.

FARC is bundled in two flavors: manually, with 7z archives and semi-automated with setup files.

These two ways doesn't requires that FARC is previously installed.

If it is installed and you use the setup file, please bear in mind that it will update correctly only from the alpha 10-iteration 01, not from the alpha 10 or any other alpha before.
If it isn't the case, just remove any previous version of FARC before to install this one.

If you take the manual way, please delete any previous version of FARC before.

Setup is here: FARColony-full-alpha_10it05-

Manual archive is here: FARColony-full-alpha_10it05-

Cumulative patch for the Manual archive of FARC alpha 10 (released before this first iteration update) is here: FARColony-cumulativepatch-alpha_10it05-
To apply the patch unpack into your install dir and overwrite anything.

Working Dates
From 2015-10-03 to 2016-01-01