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Alpha 10 -iteration #05: Energy Equilibrium Rules fixed

OK, I do an additional post before the pre-release one.

The Energy Equilibrium Rules (EER) are now completely fixed, and all works flawlessly.
I tested it by building a mining site, without assembling any nuclear reactors.

The energy consumption jumped to 123% use and incidentally the stored reserves began to be depleted.

Arrived at zero percent of energy reserves and during the production cycle, the EER quicked in and disabled the Mining Site to recover the overload. the process is entirely automated.

A special icon in yellow indicates that the infrastructure is disabled by the EER, due to some particularities compared to a standard disabled infrastructure.
As long as there's isn't enough generated power to support the Mining Site, the infrastructure will stay in this state.

So two Nuclear Reactors have been put in assembling:

Once done, the EER put back online the Mining Site and it resumes its ore mining.

You can always say; "why not put a condition about power require…

Alpha 10 -iteration #05: Dev Status + Pre-Release Post Info

I will do a last post just one day before the release day, to inform you of the changes and maybe post some screenshots, if I can finally work the interface in 15 days.

Most of the bugs are fixed, and the mining site finally produce something!  Proof!

Nope, it isn't a mock-up, but the real and alive stuff! :))

Yes the Production Matrix list is empty, I must update the code to support the last changes in the data structure of the production matrix.

The only thing I need to audit is the Energy Equilibrium rules, that trigger a show stopper bug and it will be complete.

I will update the interface after that. It will be tight, but with this so "interesting" end of year period I have some days off, so more time for dev.

Stay tuned.