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Alpha 10 -iteration #05: Some Details about the Changes

There are some changes into the data concerning the infrastructures and the production matrix of each colony.

I simplified the process on how the production modes (PM) are managed.

As a reminder; each production infrastructure, like a factory, can have one or more than one production mode. These modes act like a sort of template to define the production of products, based on arrays of specific data. A PM can have in output one or more than one products, according to the specificities of the mode itself.
The colonies have a production matrix (called CPM or Colony Production Matrix) that, for the sake of simplicity, regroup the production flow of all the PMs that are enabled for a colony.

Until now, these PM could have been disabled/enabled individually, and the input requirements were based unto what was available in the CPM.
That generated three problems:
since it was planned that the player could enable/disable PMs himself/herself that wasn't, in the context of a game, something rea…

Alpha 10 -iteration #05: Short Term Dev Plan

Here is my plan for the near future, and I will stick on it:
full code audit of the units of the system of production:
there isn't much to add, excepted the level system for the products, but I will add it later. So it will (or is, since I began yesterday night) only code audit / optimizations and a cleanup in its locations.afterward I will work on the interface itself; in first I will improve the lists of infrastructures and the interface to setup assembling/building of new infrastructures. There is absolutely no return of information to the player for this part for now, so it is time far past due.beside that, at my work and during my breaks I working to finally complete the overhaul of the modifiers of the Socio-Political Matrix memes and policies; a part I haven't finished for the previous iteration, better late than sorry :) That's it for now.  I prefer to reduce my posts to small announces now, instead to declare a lot of stuff that I will not fulfill in time at the rel…

Alpha 10 - iteration#04 Release

(NB: now the release post is made in 4 sections: Details, What's Missing?, What's Next? and Changes. It will be also the case for the next release posts)
The alpha 10 []it#04 is finally released.

FARC is bundled in two flavors: manually, with 7z archives and semi-automated with setup files.

These two ways doesn't requires that FARC is previously installed.

If it is installed and you use the setup file, please bear in mind that it will update correctly only from the alpha 10-iteration 01, not from the alpha 10 or any other alpha before.
If it isn't the case, just remove any previous version of FARC before to install this one.

If you take the manual way, please delete any previous version of FARC before.

Setup is here: FARColony-full-alpha_10it04-

Manual archive is here: FARColony-full-alpha_10it04-

Cumulative patch for the Manual archive of FARC alpha 10 (released before this first iteration update) is here: FARColony-cumu…