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Alpha 10 - iteration#04: Completion Star Control Rules + Related Interface [incl. Screenshot]

The rules for control of a star are 100% done.

The changes into the interface to display the state of control of the star currently selected into the 3D view, are completed.

I even made some change in how the informations, about the current stellar system and current star, are displayed...

Yes, a bit more clear and better, isn't it? I tweaked a saved game file to force the control of this star and have it contested with the only, for now, non-player faction of the game.

The top left is the name of the star, on its right with more squared and smaller font is the name of the stellar system. It is the same in the case of Epsilon Eridani, but can be different for stellar systems with 2 or 3 stars.
The font of the star name is of the same modulated color than the light color of the star itself, and change acccording to the type of the star.

I also moved the CPS panel to another position.

Beside all that I updated many small changes like; new encyclopedia topic (The Universe) and entrie…


Sometime writing your own stuff show how silly it was.
I'm sorry, I go to change Star System with simply Star, as I did in the start of the development.

Even simpler like that.

Sorry again :)

Alpha 10 - iteration#04: State of Rules of Star Systems Control

The implementation of these rules are done at about 50%.

I will expand a bit the interface by indicate how is controlled the selected star system in the 3D View, and if controlled, by which faction(s).

These rules are tested after specific "events" occurs, like the settlement of a new colony.

FYI, I use terms that can be confusing because they don't stick at 100% of their scientific counterparts.

In the game I use the term Stellar System to talk about an overall system composed of one to three stars.

I use Star System to talk about a star and its eventual orbital objects. Eventual because latter in the development I will add stars that haven't any orbital objects too.

In the real nomenclature, Stellar System and Star System means about the same thing.
I could have designed Star System in the game only as Star, but I considerate that if a star has orbital objects, it is a sort of system by itself.
I just hope that I'm clear :)

By completing these rules of control…