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Alpha 10: Snapshot 1

As promised, here is the file: on Dropbox.

Change of Direction: Completion of the Basic Part

I have some good things to announce.
I decided, after the completion of the alpha 10, to stop the dev of any additional feature until the basic part of FARC, concerning the setup of the first player's colony, is 100% completed as designed.

That means that I will..

Complete all the game systems (which are currently full of holes...) as: the CSM, SPM, Production System, CPS and Planetary Survey.Complete the colonies and settlement data, because it lacks of many parts.Add more game assets (products and infrastructures).Add the seven other factions the player can pledge allegiance to.Complete, expand, refine and debug the user's interface (because it lacks of everything, as all the informations for the assembling/building of infrastructures).Overhaul and complete the encyclopedia.Add other star systems.Make a complete end game system (at least for the colonization phase) After all that, and only after, I will continue to add the features I want to add to finally trying to make a fu…