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Alpha 9/10: Completion / Data-Driven Coding

The alpha 9 is finally done, it was really nothing since it follow the same time flow process, excepted that it's processed turn by turn or tick by tick.

I also began the development of the alpha 10 well before this blog post date, at my work, by implementing the data structures of the research domains and fields, including also the technosciences. So for now I should be OK for this first semester. I don't know why I taken so much time with the alpha 9, for not much to do in final.

So in clear, it is now possible to switch in realtime and turn by turn when the player want it during the game.
It doesn't change anything to the game system, at least the part already here, and that's a good thing.

I have a good stack of design work to do considering the technosciences themselves. Not all will be put in the alpha, don't wait to have the ability to play with more than 200 tech right now, but small steps small steps. The RDS itself is done on paper.

So that's all for …

Alpha 10: Shortcuts Keys in the Help Panel

Beside what I coding actually, I overhauling the keyboard shortcuts too and in the same time I cleaning up the help panel. Now the keys will be displayed by icons, as you can see in the screenshot below:

It's not much but it's less a chore to read than before. This part is in 3 columns (only one is displayed in the screenshot for now) and will be populated with all the rest of the shortcut keys.

I don't know if the overhaul of the presentation of the encyclopedia (with trees) will be done at the release of the alpha 10, but who know. I prefer to complete the main features I announced in this merged alpha 8/9/10 before doing secondary works.

Stay tuned :)

Alpha 10: Research & Development - Research Fields, Domains of Research and Technology Levels

As I said into previous posts, the research & development system is a dynamic one, meaning that the player (and incidentally the AIs) will not follow a fixed tech tree but will have access or not, depending on many factor, to the technosciences.

This dynamic layer is based on research fields in which a faction generate knowledge and so research points. There are finally 20 of these fields grouped into 8 domains of research, for an easier management, here is the list:

Aerospace Engineering [Fields: Aerospace Technics, Space Architecture and Space Drives]Astro-Engineering [Fields: Astrophysics and Space Engineering]Biosciences [Fields: Biotechnologies, Medicine and Neuroscience]Culture [Fields: Communication, Entertainment and Memetic Engineering]Ecosciences [Fields: Ecology and Planetology]Industrial Technologies [Fields: Automation, Computing, Industrial Technics and Materials]Nanotechnology [Fields: Mechanical Nanotechnology, Molecular Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials]Physics [Fie…

Alpha 9/10 Dev Status: Some Words on the Turn-Based Subsystem

I began the dev of the last phase of the turn-based subsystem which is the process of the turn itself.
The realtime one has been a bit overhauled; speed ratings now replace the old description. So it is possible to play in real time in 1x, 2x, 5x and 10x the standard time. I also modified a bit the pausing and of course updated the interface.
Since I also want to overhaul totally the keyboard shortcuts, as said in a previous post, I begin with the game flow; there are now only two acceleration keys: < and >, the same as for Kerbal Space Program in fact. The pausing of the game is always made by the Pause key. It will be possible to reset the speed by hitting Enter.

Concerning the turns, a standard one is equivalent to one tick, or 10 minutes of game time. The additional thing is that it will be possible to make an end of turn far longer than that. The possible turns, their respective equivalence in game time and what system they directly affect are the following:
Tactical Turn: e…