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Happy Xmas and Dev Status

First, happy Christmas to all of you, and above all happy New Year.

This one has been a harsh one for many people so I will hope for you that 2014 will be a bit better, don't give up.

About FARC; Nov and most of Dec constituted a slow down period due to some RL things and a bit of relaxing from the dev I must admit. But in fact the development never really halted since I continued to port my multiple paper notes, about the research & development system for the alpha 10, into a workable form in the main doc, including the so loved math formulas, to be able to implement it when it will be the time to do so.

The game loading is also finished, even if I haven't uploaded the SVN yet. Nothing fancy to show; there is only an update into the main menu and a new window, built in the same way than the about window, to show all the files into a tree hierarchy. The rest of the changes are in the background.
It has been a bit of PITA because the code about the 3d, new game setup and th…