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Alpha 7 [0.6.1]: Release

The Alpha 7 is done and officially released.

Here are the changes:
the asteroid belts are now displayed and playable in game.the fixes of the user's interface for the Spanish language are done.the FUG is patched with some terminal changes.the quality of each resource spots are now generated after a new game has been setup.the 3D is fixed for the orbits; they are now all correctly displayed.the 3D is fixed for the zoom/unzoom of the space units. It's not perfect but it's better. Epsilon Eridani 2 and 5 have been completely re-generated and fixed, new surface maps have been added.other surface maps have been refined, some are also craterized.some parts of the colony panel and the CPS objectives panel have been  updated in their localization and so are displayed correctly in their respective languages.interface fix for the colony panel which triggered an integer overflow and also an intempestive popup when it wasn't needed.updates of the Spanish language.a timer freeze of…

Alpha 7 [0.6.1]: Virtually Completed - Pre-Release Post

Here is the status:

Alpha 7 [0.6.1]:
expected: before the end of September 2013
main to-do-list:

the inclusion of the asteroid belts into the game, and consequently into the 3d view.100% done
the fixes of the user's interface for the Spanish language will be completed.
will be 100% done on sat/sunthe FUG will be patched with the terminal changes.
100 % donethe quality of each resource spots will be generated after a new game has been setup.
100% done The alpha 7 is virtually completed for its main part. I will release it on the weekend of September 28/29.
I need to complete the fixes for the Spanish language and that's it.

I go to refine this alpha by to continue to apply some code audit and also put an idea I have to use the popup menu to give to the player shortcuts to any orbital object in the current system. So you will be able to switch to any other orbital object by simply to use the popup menu. I just hope that I will time to complete that before this weekend, at least for b…

A note about the keyboard shortcuts

Here's a small post to inform you that I will overhaul the keyboard shortcuts that are used to browse the planet, satellites and space units.

I decided to adopt a more mainstream way and use the WASD configuration. I will add also some hud text to inform the player about what is focused in these 3 categories. WASD is convenient and completely user friendly also for people that have a keyboard w/o a numpad... I forgot that some of you could have one and... :)

I can't say in which alpha I will implement it, I will see, maybe the 7 if I have time or the 9 otherwise. Since I need to overhaul the keyboard shortcuts for time acceleration and add some others for the turn-based subsystem, I will also modify the browsing.

For reminder, F1 popup the help panel with the display of the current keyboard shorcuts.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 7: Epsilon Eridani 5 Fixed + New Surface Maps + Last Phase Until Release

The Epsilon Eridani 5 is finally fixed. The planet is now at its correct orbit distance and have new satellites.

There also new surface maps, since EpsEr5 have some icy planets as satellites.

I also worked deeper on the surface maps, put craters, and even one as a ridged surface, due to its tectonic.

Here are the screenshots of the new planetary satellites:

You can find the new 4K resolution package on its page and download it.

The last main phase of the alpha 7 begin; the 3d "engine" will be updated to be able to display the asteroid belts. Afterward, I will tranfer their XML data into the universe.xml and that will be done.
Secondary, I will also complete the bug fixes for the Spanish language.

Some Clarifications for the Survey mission

Sigma on this blog talked about the planetary survey, and figured how it could works; I answered to him and given him some explanations. Since it was a long answer I found useful to make a post about it to inform any of you.

Now to figure out how to play the game. :P Resource surveys seem to restart after finishing after 90 days. (using all the airships)"
 My answer:
"Yes it is normal, at least for me, it's a cycle.
The duration displayed of 90 days, doesn't represent the duration required to survey the complete region. This part is shown by the [X.XX%] into the resource spots subsection, below the region's data.
The duration represent in fact the total autonomy of the group of vehicles, and so the total number of standard days the vehicles can be used on site to explore the region, including their time of travel, before it is required that they goes back to base for refitting/replenishment.
Airships in this case have a very long autonomy, an…

Alpha 7 [0.6.1]: fixes completion, Epsilon Eridani 2 fixed + New Surface Maps

The zoom/unzoom and also the initial display of the space units is fixed. It is not perfect but far better than what it was. It also takes in account the distance from the star and avoid the most possible the "jerk effect" of the 3d view when a far space unit is zoomed.

Also if you had freeze with the game timer after one day, it is fixed too. The third party tool adds a sort of autofree feature that was set, interfering with the destruction of the thread if needed.

As I said previously, Epsilon Eridani 2 (the Earth-ish world) is completely fixed. I missed to set the total area of the hydrosphere into Fractal Terrains, so the surface map didn't really represented what looks like the planet, and this error of my part screwed up the nature of all the regions. So the XML for this planet is regenerated, its surface map redone and all is OK now :)
Clearly, the provided 1024*512 resolution of the surface maps doesn't gives justice to the render, but since the 3d isn't …

Alpha 7 [0.6.1]: winter cleanup, fixes and refactoring

Here is the status:

Alpha 7 [0.6.1]:
expected: before the end of September 2013
main to-do-list:

the inclusion of the asteroid belts into the game, and consequently into the 3d view.the fixes of the user's interface for the Spanish language will be completed.the FUG will be patched with the terminal changes.
100 % donethe quality of each resource spots will be generated after a new game has been setup.
100% done externally, need to transfert the code once the current build that concern the OpenGL fixes is completed. The FUG is finally patched with the correction of a few errors I seen when I generated Epsilon Eridani.

The code that I have done to display the 3d view is a complete mess (it has been made before I decided tougher coding rules). So I must clean it up until it bleeds.
I also fixing the druggy issue with the zooming of the space unit that Alejandro reported, it's not a big deal, I tried quickly to improve the zooming of the space units in the alpha 6 and missed the spo…

Alpha 7: Some Whoops Here and Here

I starting the development of the Alpha 7 and opening it with a series of bugs smashing.
Some have been reported but nothing impossible to fix.

The funniest one is that I screwed up the generation of Epsilon Eridani 5 (the first gaseous planet of the system) by entering its eccentricity (0.125) instead of its distance from the star (3.39 AU).
A big difference isn't it? I haven't even seen that something was wrong in the 3d view when I made the screenshot of this planet...

So I added this problem to fix too for the alpha 7 release.

Also someone reported me an exception at the launch of the .exe with an OpenGL context exception. That kind of bug is worst to manage than all the rest, but I tried a workaround, I'm waiting of a feedback from this person.

That's all, stay tuned.

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Release (who said at last?) :]

The Alpha 6 is done and officially released.
As usual there's two features that are postponed toward the next releases.
Here are the changes:
the full completion of the FARC Universe Generator (FUG). For now only the star system and stars generation is implemented. The big step concerns the orbital objects themselves (the planets and asteroids). The data added concern the hydrospheres, the biospheres, the complete region's data (land type, seasonal weather, local resources ) and the surface mapping.the implementation of the first complete and definitive star and planetary system: the Epsilon Eridani system "That's all? 5 months and 1 week for that?"


OK some numbers: the Size, in lines of code, of this alpha 6 takes 32.4% the entire size of FARC at the alpha 5 stage. Even compared to the current alpha 6, the addition represent 24.5% the total size of FARC.
It is not what I call a small update but the drawback is that nothing new in the gameplay is added,…

Alpha 6 In Waiting for Auth in IndieDB

I decided to upload the alpha 6 file, it will be available in the next day.
I waiting until that to unlock the release post.

Until that, you can always goes into the IndieDB page and check if the file is authorized.

All of that is so convenient of course.

By a matter of fact I decided to stop to upload any future code into the Google Code SVN service, and I don't think I am alone to do this along the 300,000 projects on Google Code.

Thanks Google you can now join the suckers club with Sourceforge...

I wanted to create a new entry to allow the download of the alpha 6 and stumbled on a old new from May that say that Google will stop their download service on January 15/2014. That's not a new but I wasn't aware of the fact.

Now that remember me my bad experience with SourceForge and frankly I don't know where to put the next releases. It's out of question that I go back to Sourceforge, they put sh*t on me one time, that suffice...

The funny thing is that I'm not even able to  create an entry right now, and FARC is among the projects that have already other downloads...

So for now no alpha 6, and they can put a Batrank colonizer in their *ss for the future SVN updates...

Well, that certainly help the open-source community for sure...

I'm sorry of that and looking for an alternative, I will keep you in touch when I will find something.

Sorry to the readers for the bad words (yup I censured them myself).

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Unoficial Release Post

Finally the alpha 6 is done, finito, stomped and killed.
The funny thing is that I don't have the time to make the packages, upload them and make a proper release post, it's 23:13 here and I need to sleep for the job tomorrow.
So by waiting tomorrow, I decided to post some teasing screenies. Tomorrow I will post a proper release with all the details.

So here's Epsilon Eridani:

The only thing that this view miss are the two asteroid belts. The current engine doesn't support them yet and I will add them for the alpha 7 (they will be fully playable).

Epsilon Eridani 1 is an asteroid so no much beauty to show you.

Here is the beauty of this planetary system, Epsilon Eridani 2:

The surface map in the surface panel doesn't do justice to the map itself (they are rendered initially in 4K resolution) but here it goes. It is a water-liquid world a bit more extreme than on Earth and smaller than our planet. It contains a carbon biosphere at Vertebrate Level and will be, late…

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: FUG adjustments, XML / OpenGL bugfixes and First Planetary System [Last Post Before RELEASE]

Finally the FUG is complete, the XML data loading is fixed (there were some bugs due to the last changes) and the OpenGL is fixed too: mainly for the custom textures and also an exception, that has no link with what I done in this alpha 6, if you left click in the 3d view.

So I finish checking and implementing/flushing the last notes I put on paper for the FUG and will begin the generation of this planetary system.

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Resources Final Phase, Adjustments, Planetary System

Well, the biosphere is D.O.N.E.
Now I just have to implement the last and only resource spot, update some adjustments and finally generate the first planetary system of the game.

Yeah you read it well.

So NOW, I can say and display that the alpha 6 will be released at max on Sunday 8, just to give me some time to generate and craft the planetary system.

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Information About the Delay and the Release

First I'm very sorry to not been able to release at the date I said.
FARC is a complicated thing, and the generator isn't much different from that.
I passed two days + 1/2 additional one this last weekend to put on the game design document the result of the reverse engineering of biosphere from the old code I made.
Since yesterday I implementing it and it is done at about 75%. I pass time on it but since the universe generator will be released in its beta stage version, I prefer to do it well.
So without say a specific date, I can say that the alpha 6 will be released this week, and don't ask which day I don't know...

In the future I will not announce any date, not before a release is near to be completed, that will prevent waiting time for the people that are interested and will avoid to give them false hope.

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Biospheres [Last Post Before RELEASE]

As planned I actually work on the biospheres. There is some work of reverse engineering with the old code, and some other to update the main document of game design but it goes OK.
Anyway I don't implement the complete details: The FUG only generates two data: the biosphere level (BIOL) and biosphere vigor (BIVI).

The BIOL indicate two things: the type of biosphere, among the 5 present in FARC, and the maximum evolution stage the biosphere reached.

The BIVI indicate the biosphere strength in it evolution.

These two data are the two key one to generate the species in-game, when it will be implemented.

After that, I will implement the second phase of the resources which is pretty small since it concern only one resource spot, in fact the last one that is not implemented yet.

Finally I will put some adjustments and will generate the first planetary system tomorrow.

So the alpha 6 will be finally available and a big page of the development will be done.

It's not particularly a qui…