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Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Release

The alpha 4 is done and officially released.
As I said in a previous post I haven't be able to put all I would in this version but at least here's the changes:

complete audit and ironing of the faction tab in the Unified Management Interface including the faction's levels and policies enforcement.complete overhaul of the task data structure is done. This structure is now even compliant for the planetary survey - resources that will be implemented in the alpha 5.complete overhaul of the task assignation routine, support AIs, docked/not docked spaceunits and future task types.complete rewrite including bug fixes, optimizations and refactoring of the space unit's mission system, including the colonization and interplanetary transit mission. The system is also fully future proof for additional missions and the implementation of the AIs in the future.all localized texts are now Spanish compliant, it rest some part that aren't but it's because they aren't even loc…

Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Final Release Date + Alpha 5/6/7 announce

The alpha 4 will be released on November 16/17. This alpha will not include all I wanted to put but most of it. There will be more informations about it during the release day.

The alpha 5 [0.5.5] will begin on November 17/18 with a deadline max for end of February 2013.

The alpha 6 [0.6.0] will begin during February/March 2013 with an unknown deadline but I will certainly begin the alpha 7 [0.6.5] in 2013 too which will include the R&D system.

That's all I can say, I don't want to repeat the previous posts so the informations about the 0.5.5 Alpha 5 can be found in this post.

Tomorrow is a mystery but today is a work day.