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Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Dev Status: Task System and Space Units Missions

As usual, there are been a small delay for the completion of the UMI, but the overhaul has been finished yesterday night. Tonight I'll complete its audit and will pass to the next step: the task and mission system overhaul and audit.
That include the task initialization + management, the space units missions (interplanetary transit and colonization missions), and the complete rewrite and completion of mission cancellation.
To cleanup this mess is more than mandatory before to add something new.

After that big part I'll do the code audit for the SPM, with the memes management bugfix (the show stopper at March 1st in game time).

It wasn't the initial todolist but I prefer to concentrate on the more urgent things to do first.

Finally after all that I'll see how much time is left until the release of the alpha 4, if there is some left I'll apply updates of the colony panel, including the expansion of the interface of the infrastructure assembling/building, and some ot…

Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Dev Status: the UMI, part 2

What a work!

That's all I can say, the code of the Unified Interface Management that concern the policies enforcement was a bit... messy.
I continuing to complete it and beside it I completed some part of required game system:
the one concerning the player's faction status rule, that can limit how the player can enforce a policy and change of political, economical, health and spiritual system.the one concerning the headquarter presence. There are 3 types of headquarter: basic, secondary and primary/unique. The presence or not in a faction (either the player or an AI one) limit more or less what is possible to do at the faction and colony level. The policy enforcement is affected by it. Take a look at the screenshot below, cropped form the game design document, to have a glimpse of the details The designation of primary and secondary HQ change according to the faction's current political system. For some the primary HQ represents the centralized higher authority, but for oth…

Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Dev Status: the UMI

I'm working again on the UMI, and like for all interface elements, it takes some time.
The Faction tab content is now cleaned up: all government details are correctly displayed and there are no more errors/misplacing of the circular progress components that display the level of the player's faction and the dependence status. All stay correctly in place and the texts of the circular progress components are displayed correctly.

You can see the small screenshot below:

The overhaul of the SPM Setting code is also completed (no screenshot since there's no visible difference) and I currently working on the policies enforcement interface.
It's a bit more complex part to do because I need to complete the rules concerning the limitations of the policies enforcement according to the player's faction dependence status levels.
I'll complete the doc tomorrow, will update the rules and will complete the policy enforcement.

After all that I will complete the code audit for th…

Doc Overhaul Completed + Resource Survey Rules


Alpha 4 Dev & Design Status: Resources Survey