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Alpha 4 Dev Status: Spanish Language and UMI

The Spanish language is completely updated, with all the translation work done by nenexulo22, and fixed. That's mean no more overlap of texts and other things.

I working actually into the Faction tab of the Unified Management Interface (UMI), that include the code audit of all the routines linked to it and of course all the required code completion, bug fixes and refinements.

The Faction tab is the only one to be completed for now, but of course the others will follow in future releases.

I don't show you anything until I haven't finished this interface update part. This part will also include many updates and refinements in the Colony Panel.

In the next blog post I'll put some screenshots.

After that I'll begin a big part of the alpha 4, the complete overhaul of the management of the space units missions, including the related data structures, the core system, the two missions (Interplanetary Transit and Colonization) and the mission cancelling that is disabled for…

Alpha 3 Hotfix and Alpha 4 Dev Status

OK here's a new core package which hotfix the language switch: Google Code

You can use it with any Alpha 1/2 or 3 already installed.

From tomorrow the dev of the Alpha 4 will begin, a lot of things has to be fixed and completed.

Month and month of pleasure :)

Stay tuned.

Alpha 3 [0.5.2] is "Unofficially" Released

OK, lemme see:

- data units audit...OK
- decimal format bugfix...OK
- small interface bugfix w/CPS display and window resizing...OK
- disabling of the memes management (until the audit and bugfixes of it)...OK
- tested under Win7 Virtual Machine with non-us settings ...OK

The Alpha 3 is done and unofficially released. Why not an official release ? Because it contains only audit and some bugfixes.
The Alpha 4 will be the next official release, I expect to upload it before the end of this year (I prefer to see very large on the schedule) and to begin the Alpha 5 / 0.5.5 version after it.

The full package is available here: Google Code Download Page
If you have already an Alpha 1 or 2 installed you can download only the core package here: Google Code Download Page

The full changes list is in the Download page of this blog.

So to recapitulate the oncoming dev, here's the near future dev schedule:

Alpha 4 [0.5.2]:
expected: before the end of 2012
what it will include:
audit of all th…

Happy BDay FARC

FARC development has 3 years today, happy bday to this mad project from a one mad man army :)

This post was planned to be bigger with the alpha 3 release, but it will not be for today, there's a load of work to do yet, but normally I should complete it in the next days.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 3 - Dev Status: decimal format bug tested

I just tested the current build in the win7 virtual machine (set with the non-us decimal format ",") and all works, so it must work on your computer too now, if it wasn't the case.

I continue to audit the data_game unit and will apply the same fix and optimizations on the routine that load and save a game file.
After that I'll tweak some little things and will upload the build.

Complementary to the previous post, concerning the alpha 4, I'll also apply these main changes:
-the Interplanetary Transit mission will be re-enabled and fixed too, especially for the destinations toward satellites. -the mission cancelling will be finally completely implemented -the SPM memes management will be fixed (the bug that freeze FARC at March 1st) -the transition for conversion/assembling/building will be fixed (some errors have been reported) I hope to upload the alpha 3 for the third anniversary of FARC (August 16th).
That’s all, stay tuned.

Alpha 3 Status: audit database loading unit is complete

I just completed yesterday the audit/optimization and bug fixes of the unit that contains all the XML database loading routines. The code has been greatly reduced and optimized and the decimal format bugfixes are now included.

Next step concern the full audit of the game data unit and the savegame loading/saving unit.

After that I'll un-oficially  release the alpha 3 to confirm that the decimal format bug is really killed and will begin the alpha 4, which will include all the audit of the game systems themselves. It will also include many small interface changes and additions.
Finally, I'll also include the last Spanish translations made by nenexulo22 in this alpha 4.

In parallel of that I developping at work, during my breaks, an expansion of the encyclopaedia; the main topics will be separated in their proper tabs (like game systems, infrastructures and so on) and I cleaning up the lists. I also working on the formatting of the descriptions concerning the products, as I mad…

rant/ Go Mars Science Laboratory! Go! :) /rant

Today is the day of this incredible Star Warsish landing!
Something to follow today :)