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Alpha 3 Dev Status

Sorry for the precedent post a bit extreme, but anyway I think I "perhaps" found the cause of this delay and will try to apply a workaround for the alpha 3. I think that's because of the multiple forms initialization at start, something must interfere; I only hope that's not the OpenGL framework...

Apart that I continue to auditing the routines that load all the XML databases and many changes and optimizations were been applied already, including the fixes against the decimal format bug.

Also the databases aren't loaded at application startup now, but only when a "new game setup" or a "continue the current game" is triggered, that must certainly reduce the application startup time, even if for now the databases aren't big, it's better to plan this for the future developments of them.

When all these changes will be applied I'll release un-officially this alpha 3 for testing and continue the audit of all the game system for the alpha…

The Future of FARC is at Stake

There's a bug that I can't do anything to fix it, the one when FARC launches and the main window doesn't appear (but the .exe is in the task manager) or take 2 minutes of delay to appear.

Since I don't have any problem of this sort on my PC and on the VMs (only 1/2 sec of delay, even on XP), if it's not fixed for the alpha 3/4 I decided to stop the dev of FARC.

There's no point to continue if people can't even launch it.

One of you found that if he closed Google Chrome, no delay was induced and the window appeared normally. Well, it's not an option and not the right way to do things.

It's the third time I try to dev this game and the third failure will be the last.
I'll continue, perhaps, to dev it for myself, but what's the point heh? Well it's better than watch TV...

Of course if this bug disappears I'll continue the public dev.

The rest of the bugs will be history for the alpha 3 anyway.

Sorry for the bad news but a reality check …

Alpha 3 Dev Status: end of data structures audit

The code audit continues (slowly) its way, I cleaned many data structures by refactoring and by reductions/optimizations. After the current one, which concerns the products and infrastructures, I'll finally begin the audit of the code itself, and the first part to be audited concern one of the show stopping bug, the decimal format bug that strikes all data saving/loading in the XML databases and gamesave files. Since that I know how to fix the regional decimal bug, it will fix this annoying bug, so please you can already to set back you windows setting concerning the decimal format, if it's not already done. It's not to the user to adapt to the application. After that I'll upload an unofficial package to allow the persons who had this bug to test if it works, and it will since I can reproduce this problem in a virtual machine.
So stay tuned, things will be fixed :)

Alpha 3 Dev Status: todolist + bugfixes + release announcement