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0.5.2 Status Update

0.5.2 Development Update

No, FARC isn't dead (the last commit is from Feb26) but I didn't much dev the last week for personal reasons.

But I made some game design updates, like an additional infrastructure "Pressurized Tanks Array" and also new Colonization Phase objectives. As usual these things eat up much of my free time...

I had some comments on a forum concerning the videos and receveid a few but useful hints to improve certain parts of the user's interface (especially for the policies enforcement).
I also seen myself many rooms of improvement concerning the interface too.
Why our todolist grow always faster than the economy ? Haha.

Anyway I don't think that I'm late on schedule, and talking about it, I'm on vacation tomorrow only, so I'll take it to push the dev of FARC.

That's all for now.