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FARC Source Code has a New Home

As the post title says, i moved to Google Code now, the project page is here:

So the open source side of this project isn't dead, Sourceforge isn't god on Earth.

0.5 Status update

I continue to designing and including the rest of products and infrastructures to put in this alpha.
Some products like Aluminium and Nuclear Pellets are added, i also need to add 4 infrastructures: Multipurpose Depot, Inflatable Habitat, Mining Pit and Pressurized Tanks Array.

I work also to complete some products already added and to finalize the technology requirements.
At the start, technology requirements were in the products data structure, but they will be removed and put in the infrastructure's technologies requirement list.
I'll talk more in detail about the infrastructure's production modes in a next post, it's part of the core of the production segment, the next step of the 0.5 dev after this one.
FYI when i'll begin the dev of the production segment, the 0.5 will be, at last, nearly complete.

Considering my "opensource problem" i'll see how works Google code, and if it's ok i'll create a SVN trunk on it.

That's all for today.

Sourceforge truly WTF (episode 2)

Since i need to calm down i prefer just to past the answer to the ticket:


The project was removed as we have been unable to reach the 'farcolony' admins in the past, and have had to handle a sizable number of Intellectual Property violations in regards to the 'farcolony' project. As a result, we are no longer willing to host the project, please seek alternate hosting.

XXX XXX, Support

here's my answer:
I never been contacted by your service, and all the intellectual properties are free/free to use for non commercial projects/ free w/ credits// CCC or simply made by myself... licenses included, after 3 years i host this project you just waking up and remove me like a thief, be assured i'll make some publicity on the web about your services.

I let you, whose who are interested by my project, and the members of Freegamers to meditate on this.
By the way i really don't know where to host the future releas…

Houston, we Have a Problem w/ Sourceforge

Well since today my SF project page + SVN is completely... removed ! with a cool "page not found", SVN is removed too, and of course the downloads and all the files. It's not even present in the search results. THANKS SO MUCH Sourceforge... ok i know that's a free service...

Anyway i sent a ticket to the admin, they didn't deleted my account too, so it's better than nothing lol.
So no more SVN update until SF fix that or explain me why the project is removed. Of course the dev itself isn't on hold, it's just that i can't upload anymore source code files for now.

Stay tuned for the next episode in the (Cyber)space.

0.5: Completion of Energy Segment + Energy Equilibrium Rule

Well, after "some" delay and some additional thousands lines of code the energy segment of the production phase is COMPLETED, it include other things like the energy equilibrium rule (automatic enabling/disabling of infrastructures to maintain the energy balance) and infrastructure enabling/disabling rules. As usual some details will needs to be added but basically it's done. So it's time to move to the next step, to finish to add the rest of infrastructures and products needed for this future (wannabe) playable alpha. Just for fun, and because i know that lines count doesn't obligatory show the amount of work but depends more of the style of coding, here's some stats from today: The 0.5 itself reaches now 7194 lines of codes (without count the XML ones). It's about 1.4 time the size of the 0.4. FARC itself reaches 42607 lines. I think there will be about 1000 lines off after some code audit/optimization/clarification. So that's all, stay tuned :)

0.5: Status Update: Completed Features List, Missing Code and SPM Items Completion

I decided simply to post what i've already done in this version, in dev/not already implemented features aren't present in the list below. Beware it's a copy/paste from the todolist so it's not supra clean:

    (x) add Economic & Industrial Output data + game saving/loading + data initialization and update.
    (x) colonies doesn't store anymore the infrastructures directly but use the settlements.
    (x) addition of the infrastructures Conversion/Assembling/Building queue.
    (x) addition of the colony's storage and reserve matrix.
    (x) hardcoded technicians and soldiers are added for testing purposes.
    (x) implementation of assigned population data.
    (x) implementation of the construction workforce data.
    (x) implementation of the production matrix with game saving/loading and initialization at colony's foundation w/ the 3 first data, the energy production, consumption and storage.
    (x) infrastructures has now a Consumed Po…

0.5.1: Socio-Political Matrix Items (Memes/Policies) Completed

Yup the main dev (0.5) is longer than expected because there's many things to implement... but.. at my work, during my breaks, i completed one 0.5.1 feature: all the SPM memes/policies of the game... well at least the complete influence matrix between them and all the modifiers. I began to mass update the XML file which contains all the memes/policies today and it's nearly to be completed too. Of course that concern "only" the modifiers and not the requirements and custom effects yet, but my next courses session isn't started yet (it will be in 2/3 weeks) so i have time again to update that and with some luck to remove one major update of the 0.5.1, it's better than nothing.

So the updated XML will be finally integrated in the 0.5 and the SPM basic and core part will be feature complete (who said "AT LAST" ???).

For the 0.5 itself i completing the energy equilibrium rule and so after that i'll push to complete the energy segment of the producti…