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0.5: Workforce Construction SubSystem

I'm working actually on the construction workforce subsystem, particularly the interface for it.

'What ? another "system" again ??! damn you w/ your strange "game" !'

Haem.... well.. the construction workforce use one data at the colony level named TCWP or Total Construction Workforce Points. 1 point is equivalent to one construction worker.
TCWP are used only for assembled and built infrastructures and are generated at the player's choice by 2 means:
1/ By colonists assignation: the player can assign a number of colonists, associated w/ a class of construction equipment depending of which ones are available in the colony's storage, for use them as construction workforce. The calculation is fairly simple, roughly it's: colonists number*construction equipment coefficient. For example if the player assign 20 colonists w/ (20) "Hand + Power Tools (well equipped)" product which has a coef of 1, it will provide 20*1=20 CWP to the TCWP.

0.5: Complete Infrastructure List w/ Available To Assemble/Build

These days i continue to working on the interface, with the basic completion of the settlement's infrastructures list and the available infrastructures for assemble/build list.

You can see a screenshot of it below:
The two tree lists are organized in infrastructure's function, like Energy or Housing, of course in the screenshot there's only one type of infrastructure for now, it will be expanded each time i'll update the database.

I also corrected the colony's and population's data display, here's the screenshot:

It's a bit more clear and the population details tree list is ready to receive additional data, especially the ones concerning the Workforce Capability Points that i'll add in a next update.

Beside that:
the colony data panel location is now fixed in the case when FARC is running on a 1024*768 displayan additional infrastructure is added: Houses Packtwo products are added: Carbon Composites and Concrete the next updates will concern: the add…

0.5: settlement's infrastructures list update - status icons

Here's a crude screenshot of the infrastructure status icons.

 These ones indicate the status of each infrastructures, among 5 possible:
The yellow one indicate the In Conversion/Assembling/Building status.The orange one indicate the Disabled status.The blue one indicate the In Transition status.The green one indicate the Operational status.The last one (not displayed in the screenshot), a white cross in front of a red circle, indicate the Destroyed status.Thanks to Brightmix from OpenGameArt for these icons (the credits are updated) :)

0.5 release will include a font fix

Since i seen with the new PC that the fonts in Win7 doesn't install at all, i implementing all the fonts that FARC use in local, so no more install and at least this unexpected problem is solved for the 0.5 release.

the code is fairly simple and based on:

AddFontResource('c:\FONTS\MyFont.TTF') ; SendMessage(HWND_BROADCAST, WM_FONTCHANGE, 0, 0) ;and when the game is closing:

RemoveFontResource('C:\FONTS\MyFont.TTF') ; SendMessage(HWND_BROADCAST, WM_FONTCHANGE, 0, 0) ;New OS, new problems...and new solutions of course !

Beside that this weekend i continue to updating the interface.

0.5 start again

Well, after more than 10 days of delay, the development of FARC start again this night.

So for the few interested in this projects, don't worry it's now back.
The side dev i do at my work concerning the encyclopedia formatting goes well, and even if it's not a gaming feature, it will ease the update of the encylopedia texts.

That's all for now.