December 7, 2016

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Some Delay + Requirements

I got some delay for the assembling interface because I working on the display of the requirements.
In clear if the player select an infrastructure, in the available list, and this one cannot be assembled or build due to its requirements, a text will be displayed explaining which requirements aren't fulfilled.

Nothing thrilling but since FARC isn't simple, even at this stage, the more information I can provide to the player, the better it will be.

It's a bit like what I did for the enforcement of policies, and their requirements.

This code for this is unified and will work for the two modes (assembling / building).

December 6, 2016

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Assembling Interface Completed

Sorry for the lack of news, I developped nothing since November 29th (one week wasted).

The interface for the setup of an assembling is completed in its main process.
It is working but need some additional work to display information about it, for the player, and to refine the behavior of the interface.

The interface to setup a building of an infrastructure has advanced a bit too, since some parts are re-used for this mode.

I will fully complete the assembling interface tomorrow and will work for the building of infrastructures next, as the final step.

November 28, 2016

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Conversion-Assembling-Building Interface

I haven't coded anything from Friday to Sunday, but I started to resume the dev during my lunch break.

I working on the Assembling interface, which looks a bit like the one to configure an infrastructure with some additions like; an input field to enter the number of iterations to assemble (= number of kits of infrastructure to use), an information field to give data about the assembling time, and a specific button to order to assemble the kits.

I working a bit in the same time on the elements for building an infrastructure, since the interface between these two modes is unified with some differences for each of them.

Of course my poor English isn't very descriptive for now but as I said in a previous post, I will post a serie of screenshots.

Stay tuned.

November 23, 2016

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Bugfixes done, Transition Rules modified

As usual there have been delays, because the changes and fixes were heavier than planned...

The bug fixes for the converted infrastructures expanded to the entire Transition ruleset, and required a complete change on how the custom effects for the converted infrastructures are managed.
The implementation of this ruleset was pretty...old and the logic a bit messy, so I re-coded some of its parts.
I also re-wrote completely the design of it in the main document.

For reminder; The transition rules are applied as a buffer delay between an assembling and building (conversions aren't subject to it) and the operational state for any infrastructure having required staff.
This delay symbolize the setup time to put the staff members in place and initialize any equipment, which is pretty important e.g. for a factory.

I also updated the rules design-wise by introducing a variable transition time.
Before it was abritrarly set to 2 hours (don't ask me why such value) regardless of the size and required staff.
Now it is equal to:   ✓(total required staff) / 2 with an automatic round,  in hours

Gameplay wise it is a small detail, but since I don't seek dumbed down abstraction and I look for coherence, it is implemented in it.

So it is done, and the infrastructures can be enabled and disabled without any problem...

...until next time :)

Finally I can work on the last part of this iteration, once I updated the routines for saving/loading game files with the new changes.