January 23, 2017

Alpha 10 [0.6.15] It. #08: Job Break Plan; Encyclopedia Expansion + Design Cleanup

For the duration of the development of the iteration #08 I will work at my job, during my breaks (incl. lunch), on the encyclopedia and also on game design by, finally, sort and transcript my 16-18cm height of paper notes into the game design documents.
It is time to step up the design work and cleanup my lil' mess of paper stack.
There is a certain number of old bug "reports" spread in these notes too, I will have to check them and fix them if needed.

The development of the iteration #08 will start at the end of PM today after I'm back from work.

January 22, 2017

Alpha 10 - iteration#07 Assets & Encylopedia Patch Release

AS according to the new plan, each major release will be followed by two sub-releases; one for new assets and some bug fixing, and another one for the expansion of the encyclopedia.
Their development will be of short cycles; 2 weeks for the first sub-release, 1 week for the second one.
You don't have to get the hassle to download and install the patch, you simply can wait for the next major release that will include them.

The assets & encyclopedia patch is now released.

This small patch is only in 7zip format, you will need to uncompress it into the FAR Colony directory, at the location where you installed it, and overwrite any file when it is needed.
You must have FARC iteration #07 installed prior to this patch.

The patch is here: https://github.com/farcodev/farcolony/releases/tag/alpha10-

Working Dates
From 2017-01-01 to 2017-01-22

What's Missing?

What's Next?
The Iteration #08 will start tomorrow, with the completion of the Colonization Phase System, the system that manage the first part of this game.

It will include the addition of colonization objectives, flesh out the possible end games (including the end of the colonization phase for the future transition to the "sandbox" game).


  • Encyclopedia:
    • CSM:
      • update of the Colony Data: Cohesion
  • Graphics:
    •  addition of graphics to illustrate the following infrastructures:
      • Houses Pack (free environment).
      • Nuclear Fission Reactor (any).
      • Mining Site (any/open).
  • Interface - General:
    • change in core keys stroke @1.2; preventing browsing keys in now an option that allow to deactivate them based on which element of interface call the core procedure.
  • Interface - Help Panel:
    • the code of this panel has now its own units.
    • all the keystrokes are now compliant with the core keys stroke @1.2.
    • Encyclopedia:
      • for the CSM Events, a correction in the logic to display the levels of effect has now been applied. All the events display their levels correctly now.
  • Interface - Settlements Panel:
    • corrections of some typos.
    • clicking on the icon of the selected infrastructure, in the infrastructure configuration / CAB setup interface, zoom and unzoom picture.
    • size constraints have been put on the panel to set minimum width and height.
    • all the keystrokes are now compliant with the core keys stroke @1.2.
  • Music & Sound System:
    • no music is played by default at the game launch (a bit annoying when you making tests). F9 needs to be hit to play.

January 16, 2017

Alpha 10 - iteration#07: Unified Patch - Assets Part Done + Release Date

I decided to unify the release of the two patches; the current one for the assets and the one for the encyclopedia.
All that because I found useless to make a second sub-release only for one XML file (the encyclopedia).
So I will keep this idea in the future when I will update a new iteration / version with a subsequent patch that will contain bug fixes, assets AND updates of the encyclopedia.

The release date of this patch will be the one of the second sub-release, so on January 22 / 2017.
It stay a fixed date, what will be done will be released.

What is done so far?
  1. Pictures have been added for the mining site, the nuclear fission reactor and the house packs
  2. It is possible now to click on the icon of the selected infrastructure to size up the picture (and it size down automatically when you click a second time or exit the picture)
  3. size constraints have been put on the Settlements panel to set minimum width and height
  4. not something big nor important, but the music doesn't play at launch automatically, you need to hit F9 to play it. I did it because first it is only one and the same track, and two, when you do multiple testings by lauching and re-relaunching the game, it becomes ... annoying.
For what left of this week, I will update the encyclopedia and the code of it to expand the display of the data about the infrastructures and provide more detailed informations.
I will also work on the rest of assets I haven't done yet for; the Pressurized Tanks Array, the Houses Pack (in restricted environment), and perhaps the Humidity Trap if I have time to make a model of it.

I will also update the XML of the infrastructures with corrected and adjusted data for some of them, because I made some design errors and some strange abstractions.

That's all and in prime a lil' teasing:

Thanks to the Blendswap community for your incredible assets :)
Of course, the credits of the game have been updated too.

Stay tuned.

January 15, 2017

3D / 2D Work For Infrastructures:5 Screenshots

Here are two of the objects/scene I work on

For the Nuclear Fission Reactor (an assembled self-contained one):

For the Mining Site:

They are the easier ones.

For the Pressurized Tanks Array I must do some work , like merging some objects from different sources.

For the Humidity Trap, I must Remake entirely the object, the one provided in the FBX is completely screwed up:
But it is OK, I will follow the entire design, that will be faster, and will upload a new version on opengameart with the due credits :)

For the Multipurpose Depot, I though I found one, but it is more a full fledged warehouse than a modest assembled infrastructure.
In this way I need to modify the data of this infrastructure, and it isn't the new one to adjust with more coherent informations.

For the Houses Pack, I found something simple for houses in Free Environment (directly liveable like on Earth):

For Restricted and Space Environments (with some mods necessary):

Of course it will expand over the time, and even affine but for now it's very satisfying.

Stay tuned.